Saturday, September 17, 2016

Episode 59 - Plug and Play Sustainability: Biota Aquariums with Kevin Gaines

Many decades ago, keeping marine aquariums was a logistical nightmare, a feat only for the most advanced hobbyists. Over time, technology and science overcame many of the original environmental challenges, and aquaculture offered a few alternatives to wild capture fisheries. And now, Biota Aquariums plans to take the marine aquarium hobby to a more sustainable next level.

In the upcoming Episode 59, my guest is Kevin Gaines, CEO and co-founder of Biota Aquariums. Kevin has strong roots in the aquarium hobby, and a passion for aquaculture and conservation.

Join us, as Kevin shares his and his co-founder Tom Bowling's hopes and dreams, and the story behind Biota Aquariums. Here are some photos to "wet" your appetite:

Photos of marine sustainable livestock,
being conditioned prior to shipping:


Amazing shots of the Biota Aquarium-
beauty, sustainability, and education, all-in-one!

Episode 59 is coming soon!!!