Thursday, May 19, 2011

Episode 25: Matt Wittenrich’s Psychedelic Approaches to Mandarin Goby Breeding

For many years, marine aquarium fish were only available from the wild. Then, in the 1970s, pioneering scientists developed methods for commercial production of clownfish. Over the years, other species including neon gobies, dottybacks, and seahorses also became available from fish farms. Most recently Dr. Matt Wittenrich “cracked the breeding code” for the mandarin goby, one of the more popular marine fish species. Dr. Matt is a well-known marine biologist, a highly sought after speaker, a nature photographer, and the author of The Complete Illustrated Breeder’s Guide to Marine Aquarium Fishes.  Matt recently earned his PhD at Florida Institute of Technology studying how larval reef fish feed. Join us, as Matt shares his psychedelic approach to breeding mandarin gobies.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Episode 15 - Killifish: Small, Secret Gems of the Aquarium World

Killifish are beautiful, small-bodied fish found in many areas around the world, including in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. They are, as a group, one of the aquarium industry's hidden gems. 

In Episode 15, we speak with Charlie Nunziata, a killifish expert who has been an active aquarium hobbyist for more than 45 years. Charlie is a life-long member of the American Killifish Association, through which he has been awarded numerous honors. If you haven't listened to Episode 15 yet, be sure to do it asap!

Here are some pictures of beautiful killifish of all ages!

 Aphyosemion australe orange  
The orange also called the gold form of Aphyosemion australe. A common plant spawning killifish.
 Photo by Dr. Anthony Terceira

 Fundulopanchax gardneri Jose Plateau
A very common plant spawner, and easy to breed and maintain. 
Photo by Dr. Anthony Terceira

Nothobranchius guentheri  
The most common soil spawning killifish in the hobby, and the easiest to maintain and breed.
Photo by Dr. Anthony Terceira.

Nothobranchius guentheri  pair in spawning embrace.  
Photo by Dr. Anthony Terceira

N. guentheri embryonated egg.   
This egg incubated about 4 months and is ready to hatch. Full development of the eye, a gold rim around the iris and pigmentation on the head are all indicators that the eggs are ready to hatch.
Photo by Charlie Nunziata.

Lucania goodei Morris Bridge
A very common plant spawning North American native  killifish, found throughout Florida.  

Photo by Dr. Anthony Terceira

 Jordanella floridae pair
A very common plant spawning North American native  killifish, found throughout Florida.
Photo by Dr. Anthony Terceira 


New Aquariumania Blog

Aquariumania followers and guests-- FYI, unfortunately we had some technical difficulties at the end of last year; our previous blog was accidentally "removed" and could not be salvaged. 

We are starting from scratch, in 2011, but if I happen to find pictures from previous (2010 or 2009) episodes, I'll be sure to post them! So keep an eye out and keep checking back!

Dr. Roy

Episode 21 - Scrubbers, Sumps and Such: An Introduction to Coral Reef Systems

Have you thought about a coral reef tank for your home or office?  Or do you have one and still have questions about filtration?  Be sure to check out Episode 21 of Aquariumania on                                   

Bill Hoffman, the Manager of the Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit in Fort Pierce, Florida, sent us a few pictures of coral reef systems and animals to whet your appetite!  If you are in Florida, be sure to check them out in person!

 A shot of the reef at the Smithsonian Exhibit in Ft. Pierce

 Another view of the Atlantic reef

 Another view
 A young lane snapper from the seagrass exhibit

 A Pacific reef set up