Saturday, July 25, 2015

Episode 51 - Picasso, Snowflake, Black Ice, and Lightning: The Art and Science of Designer Clownfish - PART 1

Episode 51: Designer Clownfish:
A picture is worth a thousand words. . . . .check out these pictures courtesy of Matt Carberry of Sustainable Aquatics and Matt Pedersen (Reef to Rainforest LLC).  Just a small sampling of amazing "designs"!

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Amphiprion-ocellaris Sustainable Aquatics White

Amphiprion-ocellaris Sustainable Aquatics -Black-Ice-Extreme

Amphiprion-ocellaris -Sustainable Aquatics-Black

Amphiprion-ocellaris-Sustainable Aquatics Fancy-Snowflake

Amphiprion-ocellaris- Sustainable Aquatics-Fancy-White-Extreme

Amphiprion-ocellaris-Sustainable Aquaticss-.Fancy

Amphiprion-ocellaris- Sustainable Aquatics-White

Amphiprion-percula,-Sustainable Aquatics-Onyx

Amphiprion-percula,-Sustainable Aquatics-Picasso-Special

Amphiprion-percula,-Sustainable Aquatics-Platinum

Longfin Clownfish

Lighting_Maroon (F0)

Lightning Maroon (F1)